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Thought Field Therapy


Thought Field Therapy™ (TFT) is a safe and effective technique for the elimination of emotional distress. It gives immediate relief and resolution of most common psychological and emotional problems including: addictions, phobias, fears, anxieties, stress, depression, compulsive disorder, obsession, pain, panic, low self esteem, shame, guilt, grief/loss, anger, rage and trauma.

This is done by directly treating the blockage in the energy flow created by a disturbing thought pattern. By gently tapping the key meridian points in a specific sequence, it virtually eliminates any negative feeling previously associated with a thought.

TFT was discovered in 1981 by Dr. Roger Callahan, a cognitive psychologist who had tried everything in his repertoire to help a woman with a lifelong, severe and apparently intractable water phobia. He decided to try a variation on a holistic, mind-body healing method he had been studying, based on the theory in Chinese medicine that energy flows along meridian lines in the body.

These meridian points appear to act as a governing force in healing and growth. When the energy points are blocked or unbalanced, the person experiences emotional disturbance or what Dr. Roger Callahan calls "perturbations." He discovered that by directly treating the blockage in the energy flow created by a disturbing thought pattern, the disturbance or upset disappears.

It virtually eliminates any negative feeling previously associated with a thought. In an attempt to help Mary, his patient with the water phobia, he tested his theory. He asked her to think about water, tap with two fingers on the point that connected with the stomach meridian and much to his surprise, her fear of water completely disappeared. "The fear is gone!" she exclaimed and went running around the swimming pool behind his office. Not only had her fear evaporated it remains effective to this day.

Callahan continued to expand on his discovery and has come up with a number of brief treatments or "algorithms." Algorithms are step-by-step procedures or sequences of body taps geared to particular conditions which patients can perform on themselves.

What is a Thought Field? Dr. Roger Callahan, the originator of Thought Field Therapy, defines field as "an invisible structure in space that has an effect upon matter". Although fields cannot be seen or measured, the fields effects can be readily observed. You cannot see a magnetic field, for instance, but you can see its effect. In TFT theory, the perturbations, which are considered to be the most basic cause of negative emotions, are contained in the thought field.

Perturbations are comparable to what physicist David Bohm, Ph.D., calls "active information" which is a phenomenon where a very small amount of energy can have a tremendous effect upon a larger system. There is a one-to-one correspondence (known in TFT terminology as isomorphism) between these perturbations and specific energy meridian points on the body, which, when stimulated in a specific sequence, result in healing.

How does it work?

TFT is very a similar process to acupuncture, but without the needles. It releases tension associated with a negative thought, by tapping the pressure points the tension is released and the emotion connected with this thought dissolves.

The tapping is done according to a prescribed algorithm pattern. The algorithm is based on the particular emotions elicited by the upset. After the series of tapping the treatment is complete and your distress is eliminated.

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