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Trained by the worlds  best including: Dr.        Richard Bandler,      Dr. Roger Callahan & Paul Mckenna

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Rosy with Paul Mckenna, Richard Bandler & John La Valle
Rosy with Richard Bandler



All the testimonials have been written personally by my clients in order to show their appreciation ...


"Thank you Rosy for your help! You have helped me so much to overcome my issues.  I feel like a new person, everyone around me has noticed the difference, I feel so much happier and motivated. I had no idea it would be so easy, my only regret is that I did not come to see you years ago".

Ian R, Doctor.

"I have never experienced anything like this, for the first time I was able to think about something I did many years ago without feeling bad, I couldn't believe it, finally I have escaped this! Thank you so much Rosy!" 

Svetlana K, Teacher. 

“Thank you for guiding me in the right direction, as someone who was a sceptic, I am amazed as to how much better I feel, I know what I have to do now and I am looking forward to achieving my goals".

Kevin B, Financial Advisor.

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breath properly for the first time in ages. Thank you for all your help”.

Peter H, CEO.

“I had been suffering with severe depression on and of for over 20 years. After my first session with Rosy my mindset completely changed from very negative to very positive, all that was pulling me down has vanished and even bigger possibilities have opened up then I imagined. I feel great! Thank you so much”                                                              

 John L, Systems Analyst Programmer.

"I had so many emotional and psychological issues and after my session with Rosy I have become a much stronger and more confident person. Rosy has got such a great energy and her techniques and advice has helped me in so many different ways. I have got rid of my fears and negative thoughts and now I am changing my life and making it the way it should be to achieve what I want, I feel so much happier in all areas of my life!” 

Dixie B. Lawyer.

“Fantastic! I feel great about my future I can really see what I have to do in all areas of my life: my skills, business and personality. I feel really excited! Thank you!”

Roy M, Business consultant.

“I had been suffering with financial stress and anxiety for so long, I had lost all my confidence, after just one (telephone) session with Rosy I felt so relaxed, and since that day I have become one of the highest earners in my company! I feel so happy and I am smiling all the time, I am really enjoying my life and I can see a good future for me. Thank you!"  

Patricia C. Sales Executive.

“I was amazed at how easy it is to let go of my past issues, I loved your techniques, I could really see my self in the future! I am now focussing on the future instead of my past".

Stuart W, Investment Banker.

"I had a stop smoking session with Rosy over a year ago and found her techniques to be extraordinarily amazing and her style was relaxed and easy.

I have made major changes in my life And I have not smoked since!”.

Mark H, Builder.

"Before I came to see Rosy I was very unhappy with my life, I had been feeling depressed for the past 5 years. After just one appointment I felt so much better!

I feel so much calmer and at peace with my self, I know what I need to do now and I am already changing for the better, And I know I will experience many changes so I can have what ever I want in my life.  Rosy has given me a GREAT GIFT!”

Sarah M, Personal Assistant.

"I used to be so afraid of chickens and turkeys that I would sweat and shake violently if I saw one from a distance, if it was near me I would scream so much you'd have thought I was being murdered.

I had just one telephone session with Rosy and she taught me to do some really simple techniques, which immediately calmed me down. I was also taught the power of visualisation - imaging a chicken was my friend and it worked!

I no longer fear that a bird is around the corner and I can even cook and prepare a chicken!".

Nikki P, Public Relations.

“I used to be so negative and moody but since I came to see Rosy I can really feel that in so many ways I have started to behave differently - and this is just the beginning!

I find myself seeing the positive in almost everything and that makes me feel really good. Thank you so much for giving me the strength to believe in my self!".

Julie K, Director.

“Rosy, you are a truly wonderful, caring individual, your guidance has helped me to make major improvements in my life, thank you!”.

Steve V, Manager.

“Rosy your techniques have been so helpful, I feel like a new person, I am so much more positive about things. Thank you for caring so much!”

Sylvie M, Actress.

“Thank goodness for honesty and knowledge which you have in abundance. I know what I have to do and I am looking forward to a new life, thank you for helping me to let go of my negative thoughts and feelings!”

Janine M, Interior Designer.

“Inspiring, enlightening and very exciting. I can now see a path in the future that is brighter and clearer" 

Lora M. Journalist.

“Rosy, you made me realise how easy it is to have a bright and successful future, I feel so much more positive about my life!”

Vicky R, Teacher.

“Rosy Maria was great! She seemed to know more about me than I knew about myself”.

Rachel M. Student.


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