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Rosy with Paul Mckenna, Richard Bandler & John La Valle
Rosy with Richard Bandler

Psychological & Emotional Problems


There are many psychological and emotional problems that a combination of TFT, NLP, Time Line Therapy, life coaching, hypnotherapy... can help you with, these techniques are extremely effective in bringing rapid relief to you and resolving the problem. However, it is impossible to compile a list of everything, why? Because the list is endless…

Please click below for information on some of the more common ones:

(Please click on your left for addictions and your right for weight, pain, health issues, fears and phobias.)

The techniques I use are very successful, fast, natural and lasting; they produce highly positive results in a relatively short period of time. So you don't need to continue to deal with these problems alone.

I can help eliminate most of these problems in as little as one session. I not only have the qualifications to help you secure impressive results; I also have a vast amount of personal experience, having once suffered with many psychological and emotional problems myself (read Rosy's Story). If I have been able to overcome all my issues and problems and I am now living a very happy and successful life, you can too! Just think how wonderful it would be to be free of these problems?

Call now and discover how I can help you to overcome your problems so you can start living a successful and fulfilling life!


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Do you feel anxious when talking to a stranger, giving a presentation, driving on a motorway or even all the time? If so, I can help.

Anxiety is described as feelings of uncertainty, hesitation, nervousness or fear. Anxiety can affect us in so many ways and is usually a part of virtually everything that can go wrong. It can make us angry, stressed, irritable, create habits, lead to overeating or emotional eating, lead to sexual dysfunction, depression and more. Fortunately, the human brain learns so quickly, that it is possible to literally rapidly 're-condition' the learned response of anxiety so that the next time you are in a situation which previously made you feel bad (anxious), you will feel more resourceful and capable.

Call now to make an appointment to overcome anxiety easily and effectively!


Anger and rage

Anger is the emotion we feel when we are unable to control the behaviour of others - often when we feel frightened, frustrated, upset, annoyed, irritated, hate, hostility, outrage or powerless.

Managing this effectively usually involves understanding what you want, and what you have right to ask for, changing old angry reactions into reasonable responses and behaviours will help you achieve this. I can help you change the way you let daily events affect you and enable you to manage your life with assertiveness, not aggression; the triggers that cause your reactions of anger.

Anger is destructive in so many ways and can seriously affect your health and happiness. Don't you owe it to yourself and perhaps those closest to you to take action now to remove those awful feelings so that you can move forward and start enjoying your life? If the answer is "yes".

Why not call now and make an appointment to become the master of your emotions and start living your life with a great sense of ease and calmness.


Assertiveness Issues / Bullying

Have you “had enough” of being bullied / emotionally blackmailed? If so, you have come to the right place.

Passive-aggressive behaviour and many other unfair attacks on your well-being, can be easily dealt with using tried and tested assertiveness approaches and complete acknowledgement of your rights as an individual. Usually one session is enough to arm you with the resources and behaviour changes needed.

Call now and put a stop to this once an for all.



Are you fed up with being depressed? If so, help is at hand.

Depression is usually brought upon by a series of negative thoughts after a traumatic or unhappy event.  We are fortunate that we recognise true depression easily now, and the underlying causes are quite clearly justified to the individual concerned. Acknowledging these in a transformative way, and resolving the original grief, conflict or dilemma usually starts the change process, with a healthier thought process leading to more permanent change following close behind.

A maximum of three sessions is usually enough to resolve the deepest depression, given a demonstrated willingness to change.

Call now to find out more about how I can help you to easily overcome your depression, so you can quickly begin to feel more positive and happy in your life.



Have you "had enough" of feeling guilty about something or everything? Are you suffering from those terrible feelings of rejection and/or hurt? If so, you have come to the right place because if you really want to remove your awful feelings, regret and remorse about past events I can show you how to totally eradicate them. How good would that feel?

Guilt, rejection and hurt are destructive in so many ways and can seriously affect your health and happiness. Don't you owe it to yourself and perhaps those closest to you to take action now to remove those awful feelings so that you can move forward and start enjoying your life? If the answer is "yes".

Why not call now and make an appointment, its so much easier then you realise, after just one session you will feel so much better!


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Are you fed up with constantly cleaning, having to check things, repeatedly washing your hands or counting? Is your repetitive behaviour making you miserable? Do you wish you could make these obsessive thoughts go away? If so, I can help you!

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD, is an anxiety disorder and is characterised by recurrent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repetitive behaviours (compulsions). Repetitive behaviours such as hand washing, counting, checking, or cleaning are often performed with the hope of preventing obsessive thoughts or making them go away. Performing these so-called "rituals," however, provides only temporary relief, and not performing them markedly increases anxiety.

I can help you eliminate these persistent, unwelcome thoughts/images and feelings of doubt, which will then consequently eliminate the need/obsession to engage in certain rituals. Finally you will be free, just think how much extra time you will have on your hands to do all the wonderful things, how great would that be?

Call now and make an appointment to finally overcome this horrible OCD!  "I know how it feels-read 'About Rosy".


Relationship Issues

Are you unhappy or dissatisfied in your relationship? Do you feel rejected, hurt, embarrassed or jealous? Are you unable to find the right partner? If so, I can absolutely help.

Dealing with issues such as: trust, respect, anger, love, sexuality, cultural differences, compatibility and commitment are the usual areas where a relationship can be unhappy or dissatisfying. Each session will involve a combination of techniques including Life Coaching, were we will look at where you are now, where you want to be and explore the most resourceful ways of finding you the right partner or improve your current relationship. Learning to communicate better and making positive changes will ultimately result in the future success of any relationship, along with finding the right partner.

Call now and make an appointment for an extremely effective life changing session.


Sexual Abuse and Assault

Many individuals who have suffered sexual abuse in childhood find that this causes difficulties in adult life, relationships, normal enjoyment of sex, boundaries, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Resolving this, and the impact of other sexual assaults ranging from harassment to rape, requires a safe and effective approach that does not re-traumatise, I always ensure to keep you in control and out of the experience. Once this is resolved, then some life coaching or further work on confidence and self-esteem may be required.

Call now to find out more about how I can help you easily overcome this, so you can start living the life you so deserve!


Stress/Worry/Sleep disorders

Are you feeling stressed? Are your worries taking over your life? Do any of the following apply to you?

  • It takes more effort to get through each day
  • I feel less motivation at work or can't be bothered with friends
  • I feel like there is less to look forward to
  • I can’t sleep or keep waking up during the night
  • I don't know where to turn for help

Stress relief often involves a change of attitude and some lifestyle changes, in order to remove the underlying causes. Anxious, worrying thoughts will require you to adopt some different thought strategies for fast, effective results.

A combination of the techniques I use will help you handle stress in a more positive, constructive way, so you no longer worry unnecessarily.

Sleep disorders are commonly as a result of stress. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in eliminating sleep disorders, hence giving you a wonderful nights sleep.

Call now and make an appointment to start living your life effortlessly, with a sense of ease and certainty than ever before!



Sadness and grief are horrible feelings, especially after a trauma, however, after some time we all get to a point where we feel exhausted of suffering and cannot do it any more. If you would like to move forward in your life, I will show you how to overcome your suffering easily, quickly and naturally.

If death is the cause of your feelings then you must ask yourself whether your loved one would still want you to be suffering as you are, or would they now want you to be getting on with and making the most of your life? If you feel the answer is the latter, you probably owe it to yourself and him or her to take action now to remove those awful feelings and bring peace and happiness into your life.

What ever the sadness, whether it is grief, post traumatic stress disorder, shock, terror, an accident, relationship or some other profoundly distressing incident, I can help you!

Call now and make an appointment to put an end to these feelings of pain forever.


Low Self-Esteem/Lack of confidence

Low self esteem? No confidence? Shy? Nervous? Worried? Are you anxious about the future and, or do you suffer from social anxiety? Have you suffered for too long from any or all of these problems? Would you like to enjoy good self-esteem and be confident, calm and relaxed? If so then help is at hand.

There will inevitably be other emotional issues involved and these will also need to be dealt with so that you can confidently move forward with your life.

Confidence and self-esteem issues usually start when we begin to question our natural responses and actions, and limit our own ability to learn, grow, and have fun in life!

Call now to discover how I can help you to feel completely comfortable within your self, and become confident in every area of your life!


Self Limiting Beliefs/Negative Thoughts

Do you have constant Negative Thoughts? Thoughts such as "I can't be successful", "I'm not good enough", "I don't deserve a good relationship", "I can't do this" or "I can't do that" etc.. etc..?

The way we talk to ourselves, and picture past and future events, can often restrict and limit our success and happiness. There are volumes of books devoted to positive thinking but rarely have a desired effect, as what you would achieve from the techniques used in one of my sessions.  Consequently, in future, you will be able to control your thoughts and banish your negativity easily and naturally, which means that you will be able to become positive. How beneficial would that be?

There are so many advantages to feeling positive; you can help yourself to better health by simply removing the unpleasant emotional feelings from your body. Would you like to gain control of your emotional life and move beyond your disabling emotions to calm, resourceful, happy and motivated states of mind? If so,

Call now and make an appointment for a life changing session, and have the power to go for anything you want in life! 


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