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Rosy with Paul Mckenna, Richard Bandler & John La Valle
Rosy with Richard Bandler

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming


NLP is the knowledge of human excellence. The term is Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

  • Neuro - our neurology (our 5 senses: sight, feelings, hearing, smell and taste) and our thinking Processes.
  • Linguistic - the language we use and how we are influenced by it.
  • Programming - our pattern of behaviour and the goals we set. Programming our minds. NLP is like the ultimate software for the brain.

NLP was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the early 1970’s, the science of NLP was to discover what made Fritz Perls (Gestalt therapist), Virginia Satir (family therapist) and Milton Erickson (hypnotherapist) so successful, and transfer those key elements into a technology that would literally become the most powerful, practical psychology ever developed. In other words if you use the formula that makes others successful: how they use their 5 senses, their thinking processes, how they communicate and behave, then you too can be as equally successful!

The wonderful thing about NLP - the science of excellence - is that by analysing your behaviour and how you feel, you can begin to take control of your feelings and emotions-things you once thought were beyond your control.

A good example of how the brain works can be found in the manifestation of phobias. A phobia is a result of a one time learning experience. A particular situation or ‘trigger’ (e.g. spiders, heights, public speaking etc.) produces a strong physical response (panic, anxiety) this response is rapidly learnt by the brain and it is programmed into our minds so that it will be repeated every time the trigger presents itself to us in the future. The phobic NEVER forgets to have this response. Unfortunately in this case accelerated (automatic response) learning works to your disadvantage as a phobia, however it often works to your advantage when driving a car for example.


How does it work?

I will use a series of NLP techniques to helps you to identify and utilise patterns and resources which serve you, and in doing so assist you in achieving high levels of performance in areas where you may have been under performing in the past.

NLP techniques will show you the way to:

  • have a positive mental attitude
  • increase your self-esteem
  • improve your memory
  • overcome the effects of past negative experiences
  • focus on goals and channel your energy into achieving them
  • control the way you feel
  • change unwanted habits
  • feel confident in whatever you attempt to do
  • perform at your best
  • achieve goals you previously considered impossible
  • manage stress
  • improve your presentation skills
  • make powerful decisions
  • increase motivation
  • find creative ways to solve problems
  • enjoy activities you used to fear
  • increase your sense of purpose in life


Call now and take a step forward to a more successful and fulfilling way of life!


Life Coaching


Life coaching is a professional partnership between the coach and the client that supports the growth of the client, through the use of requests and powerful questions from the coach and commitment and responsibility of the client. Through the process of coaching, clients focus on the skills and actions needed to successfully achieve their desired goals.

Life coaching is used by a growing number psychologists and practitioners to aid clients with transitions in their personal life, and in the process of self-actualization. With roots in executive coaching, which itself drew on techniques developed in management consulting and leadership training, life coaching also draws from a wide variety of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, career counselling, mentoring, and numerous other types of counselling. The coach applies mentoring, values assessment, behaviour modification, behaviour modelling, goal setting, and other techniques in assisting clients.

Some of the reasons to use a life coach:

  • I don’t know how to find the right job or relationship
  • I am successful, but not fulfilled, and I need to find out why
  • I am having trouble with work/life balance
  • I am not happy with the way I look or feel about myself
  • I want my business to be more successful
  • I want to be in a successful relationship
  • I am wondering what other careers I might enjoy
  • I am "stuck" creatively or professionally
  • I feel like I am not making the most of my life
  • I want to move my professional or personal life to the next level


How does it work?


At each coaching session, we will look at where you are now, where you want to be and explore the most resourceful ways of getting you there. Through the process of listening, questioning, challenging and exploring, we will build a strategy, which is right for you. As your coach I will see you through the whole process. In the scheduled sessions, we will explore how well the action taken has gone and we will set manageable and achievable goals.

I am committed to your goals and will do whatever is necessary to ensure that you keep going and are successful. You will leave coaching with skills to manage change more effectively.

Call now to find out how I can help transform your life!


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