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Improve Your Memory


Are you fed up with forgetting peopleís names, loosing things? Are you struggling with remembering events, facts, figures? Would you like to be able to retain and recall information quickly? If so I can help.

Memory is the retention of information over time. There are many kinds of memory: short-term memory, long-term memory, visual memory and auditory memory, to name but a few. These four kinds of memory are foundational skills of learning and improving them is fundamental towards overcoming learning disabilities.

Short-term memory or working memory lasts from a few seconds to a minute; the exact amount of time may vary somewhat. When you are trying to recall a telephone number that was heard a few seconds earlier, the name of a person who has just been introduced, or the substance of the remarks just made by a teacher in class, you are calling on short-term memory, or working memory.

Long-term memory lasts from a minute or so to weeks or even years. From long-term memory you can recall general information about the world that you learned on previous occasions, memory for specific past experiences, specific rules previously learned, and the like.

Visual memory is a personís ability to remember what he has seen, while auditory memory is a personís ability to remember what he has heard. While visual memory deficiencies are inclined to affect reading and spelling, students with auditory memory deficiencies will often experience difficulty developing a good understanding of words, remembering terms and information that has been presented orally, for example, in history and science classes.

NLP and Hypnotherapy can be used to help improve the memory in a number of ways, from enhancing short-term memory, long-term memory, sensory memory and memory recall to countering the effects of memory loss. By boosting memory and focus, it can ultimately help in remembering details of events, people, facts and figures, enabling them to be retained and recalled quickly.

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