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Trained by the worlds  best including: Dr.        Richard Bandler,      Dr. Roger Callahan & Paul Mckenna

Appeared on GMTV, LBC & BBC radio

Psychological & Emotional Problems
Children & Teenagers
Smoking & Addictions
Stop smoking
Improve your memory
Rosy with Paul Mckenna, Richard Bandler & John La Valle
Rosy with Richard Bandler



  One to One Sessions

Guaranteed positive results!

(Consultations depend on the nature of the problem, however, in general, depending on the severity of the problems associated only one session is the norm)

Telephone Coaching for a specific issue: 100 - allow 1 hour to tackle and overcome your problem; Phobia, fear, relationship...

Life-changing: one visit - 350 - allow 3 hours for this life-changing session or two telephone sessions of 1.5 hours - 150 each. Within the three hours you will learn and experience powerful techniques to let go of your negative thoughts and feelings, overcome any emotional and psychological issues, find out what you really want and how to achieve your dreams, visualise your self living a life you love. By the end of your session you will feel really positive about your self and your future! 

Smoking: only one visit - 400 - allow 3 hours for the session. You can easily stop smoking after just one visit. I will re-programme your unconscious-mind to become a NON-SMOKER, so you will have NO DESIRE to smoke ever again.

Phobias: only one visit - 150 - allow 1 hour for the session. You can easily overcome your phobia after just one visit. Deleting the trauma and installing a positive new movie of your life into your unconscious. You will then automatically think and feel differently about situations you previously feared.

All other problems: 2 visits maximum allow 2 hours for the first session and 1 hour for the second session. Although these problems may seem to be enormous, they are often just old traumas held in the mind (& body) which once released (deleted), allow you to move on very quickly. NLP, TFT & Hypnosis and a combination of some amazing techniques will easily re-programme your unconscious mind for improved well being.

Life coaching: allow 2 hours for the first visit, depending on your goals and desires, we can arrange a suitable package to ensure your ongoing success.

Follow up visit: 100 (allow 1 hour). Following the massive changes achieved during your first visit; sometimes an additional second or third visit is required to delete other conflicting messages that are running destructive patterns. In these sessions, we continually tidy up loose ends and re-programme the unconscious mind to focus on your positive new future.

Psychic, Tarot & Palm Readings: 45 (allow half an hour). I will look into your future and guide you into the right direction, I will answer all your questions and concerns.

Style Consultancy & Personal Shopper: 100 per hour. This involves a complete makeover, to help you understand your body, select clothing that flatter you to improve your level of confidence and sex appeal. Available to both men and women, I will also personally coach you, using Life Coaching techniques to help ensure you achieve your desired goal.

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