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Children & Teenagers


Does your child or teenager suffer from low self esteem, irrational fears, or anxiety? Are you afraid your child has a habit that they could end up taking into adulthood? Does your child have an eating disorder, emotional or psychological problems? Does your child have tantrums? Do you struggle with your child’s attitude to you and others?

Whatever your concern, help is at hand.

What brings about children's problems?

Much that goes on in our world can cause problems for children, just as it does for adults. Rapid physical growth over short periods of time, and concerns about changes in their bodies can cause stress and loss of self-esteem. Various problems in school, with studies, teachers or peers, threats or bullying, may be troubling a child.

There are many fears that can plague children: fear of the potential danger in our schools today, fear of the dark, fear of going to sleep, fear of doctors, dentists and needles, etc. Many children experience the embarrassment of habits they find hard to break, like bed-wetting or thumb sucking. A new baby or another addition to the family can cause undue stress. Loss of their own bedroom space due to a new addition to the family, or having to move to a smaller place can make children unhappy.

An underlying fear of kidnapping and other abuses may affect our children far more than we realize. It's difficult to keep such news away from a child's hearing, these days.

With children, the world revolves around them until experience helps expand that world. As they are the “centre,” then everything is where they are. If there are problems in the family, they take on those as their own. If parents are having trouble in relating well, their children can become fearful and guilty, as if they were the cause or should have prevented it in some way.

This is what creates “ADULT CHILDREN.” These adults carry their insecurities, fears, anger, guilt, etc. into their future, ruining their relationships; with their partner, children and others around them, resulting to a life full of stress and unhappiness. However, this can be prevented!

How Stress Affects Children

When children are experiencing unrelenting stress or are worried, whether or not they are conscious of it, there are warning signs! Schoolwork may begin to slide. A child may begin to lose things on a consistent basis, steal, become accident-prone, have headaches or stomach-aches, bite their nails or pull hair or lashes. They may return to wetting the bed, after having been dry for some time. Health problems may start cropping up. Other people may notice a dramatic change in disposition. The child may begin to stop wanting to go to school, or begin to cause problems in the classroom. They may lie and have other avoidance patterns. They may turn to drugs or alcohol. They may begin to have trouble sleeping, experience frequent nightmares or sleep walk.

Children don’t have the means to deal with their stress and growing pains, and parents/carers don't have the time or knowledge to give to their children. Sometimes an emotion is so great for a child that they bottle it up and it turns into a series of problems (Read My story in 'About Rosy').


Children's problems and symptoms that I can help with:

• Anxiety/Worry/Tensions
• Eating disorders
• Sleep disorders/Nightmares/Bed wetting
• Dyslexia/Autism/ADHD/ADD
• Aggression/Attitude
• Low self esteem/Lack of confidence
• Drugs/Alcohol
• Skin & health problems
• Fears/Phobias/Addictions

This is not an exhaustive list, if you have any CONCERNS about your child, give me a call, let me help them, this will help YOU to help them in the future.

Benefits to Your child:

Conquer Fears & Worries
Increase Confidence/Self Esteem
Enhance Friendships & Communication
Increase Motivation & Positive Attitude
Overcome Peer pressure & Bullying
Overcome Anxiety/Panic attacks
And Much, Much, More...


Call now to make an appointment and see how quickly you  start to see dramatic improvements in your child!


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