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Improve your Image and look Great!


Do you have a wardrobe of clothes and nothing to wear? Wonder why some things look better on the hanger? Are you being overlooked at work due to poor image? Panic and buy things that you later regret? Hate Shopping or have no time? If so, I can give you the solution to these dilemmas.

Many people have a misconception that the more you spend on clothes, the better you look. However, this is not always the case, I can help you look great at high street prices. I can help you understand your body, select clothing that flatter you and feel confident, build a wardrobe that reflects your lifestyle.

It is widely accepted that if we look good we feel good. Receiving a compliment can shape the rest of our day. Our clothes talk even when we don't and we give out signals to people by the way we dress and conduct ourselves. Therefore it is vital that if we wish to be thought of as intelligent, contemporary and credible, we reflect this image to the world around us.

With a wardrobe built for your lifestyle, tastes and budget your clothing can complement your face, body shape, colouring and personality. You will understand the styles, colours and accessories that suit you and achieve a proper fit. The result is a flexible wardrobe with an outfit for all occasions that can be updated seasonally.

Research shows that we all make judgements about each other on conscious and unconscious levels and that first impressions are created within the first few minutes of meeting people. Research shows that 55% of people's impressions are based on our appearance, 38% is based on our presentation and only 7% is based on what we actually have to say* to each other.

Image Consultation

  • Analysis of your bodyline, shape, figure likes and dislikes
  • Analysis of face shape and features and colour advice given
  • Advice on accessories, hairstyle and make up advice

Wardrobe Planning

  • Analyse your lifestyle
  • Re-design your wardrobe; decide what to keep and discard
  • Discuss essentials and wardrobe basics
  • Repack wardrobe and compile a shopping list

Personal Shopping

  • Shop with client or on their behalf
  • Half day or full day
  • Set a budget and discuss shopping list
  • Set date, time and meeting place


Do you buy garments that you love but never wear?

FACT: People waste on average 500 per year on clothes that they never wear.

Call now and book for a fantastic wardrobe for the Summer!



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